Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum Lifting Systems are ideal for repetitive handling of non-porous, semi-porous or porous loads. Models are offered to handle loads from 5-lbs (2.3 kg) for non-porous loads, all the way up to 660-lbs (300 kg).

Vacuum Tube Systems are rapidly becoming the system of choice where single operator handling of repetitive or heavy loads is required. Tube Systems are in use at many of the largest US manufacturers, yet their affordable pricing and ergonomic features have made them a practical tool for even the smallest companies.

Vacuum tube lifters are being used for packing TV’s, small appliances, computer equipment, and furniture, virtually any item to which a vacuum suction pad can be attached. Palletizing, stacking, loading and unloading bags, sacks, cartons, printed material, buckets, drums, pails and woven goods are characteristic of Vacuum Tube applications. Raw materials can be lifted and lowered into position for weighing, emptying, or mixing ingredients in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Vacuum Tube lifting systems have also found their place in the manufacturing assembly environments as well as many processing activities such as lifting and placing items into position, and lifting 55-gallon drums and tilting them to dispense their contents.

Vacuum Tube Lifters

Vacuum tube lifters
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Vacuum tube lift
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Since 1983, ASE Systems has offered an extensive line of Anver vacuum lifting systems, including vacuum pumps, vacuum tube lifters, coil lifters, sheet and plate lifters, tilters and rotators. Our friendly sales staff can provide a thorough technical review of your system requirements and help you to select the right vacuum lifter for your needs and budget from our extensive range of standard and specialized vacuum lifting systems.

ASE Systems offers high efficiency Anver vacuum pumps specially designed for vacuum tube lifting systems. These quality vacuum pumps are made from tough, high-strength materials for long life and are lightweight and virtually maintenance free. Their highly efficient, state-of-the-art design has made older designs of conventional side-channel vacuum blowers obsolete. Vacuum pumps are available in capacities of up to 480+ cfm flow and 18 in. Hg vacuum. Powered by high quality TEFC motors, they are more energy efficient, require fewer horsepower to operate than competitive models, and are offered in several sizes to match your vacuum lifting requirements.

Units can be easily upgraded to larger sizes with adapters in the field. The top swivel mount is made of stainless steel, and features a vacuum-tight totally sealed bearing for full 360-degree rotation and a Power Loss Safety Valve allows the load to slowly lower in case power supply is interrupted. Hundreds of vacuum suction pads are available for custom vacuum pad attachments. Vacuum Tube Lift Systems have the lowest cost-in-use due to low replacement parts pricing and due also to the use of maintenance-free, direct drive vacuum pumps.

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