Pneumatic Industrial Manipulator

The Flagship of our industrial manipulator line up employs a parallelogram primary arm for vertical lifting, an articulated secondary arm for extended reach and ease of movement of the boom. The end of the secondary arm includes facilities to support the handle, controls and either standard or custom tools designed to grip and lift practically any load in today’s modern manufacturing plants and related supply chain industries. The Mirus industrial manipulator is available in five (5) models from the Mirus 80 to the Mirus 500, has capacities up to 1,300-lbs (600kg) and Boom lengths up to 13’ (4m). The Mirus industrial manipulator is available in multiple floor based and overhead mounting configurations.

Mirius 80 Manipulator
Mirius 100
Mirius 200
Mirius 300
Mirius 80
Mirius 100
Mirius 200
Mirius 300


Mirus Table



Mounting Configurations:
  • Column mounted fixed to floor
  • Column mounted attached to mobile base
  • Overhead fixed position
  • Overhead, under-hung attached to enclosed track rail


  • Mount to your building column or wall mount position
  • Increased productivity
  • Superior control & manipulation
  • Safe handling of heavy & awkward loads
  • Lower labor costs
  • Specialized training is not needed
  • Gender friendly operation
  • Decrease operator fatigue
  • Safeguards delicate loads
  • Improve quality assurance
  • Multiple axes of manipulation
  • Precise placement
  • Float mode capability
  • Pneumatic overload circuitry
  • Reach in, under & around obstacles
  • Easy function controls
End Tooling Types Available:
  • Powered & manual gripping
  • Vacuum cup
  • Magnetic
  • Expanding mandrel
  • Multiple combinations
  • Customization for your requirement
  • Automotive assembly (engines, transmissions, chassis &

    interior components)

  • Aerospace (progressive assembly lines)
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Defense contractors
  • Tool & die swap outs
  • Modular home, shelter & building manufactures
  • Natural gas & oil industry (valves, drilling components,


  • Clean room
  • Repetitive lifting jobs
  • Parts assembly
  • Food manufacturing & related supply industry
  • Machining
  • Process equipment maintenance
  • Many more…


OD Gripper
Fixed Tooling
Expanding Mandrel
OD Gripper
Fixed Tooling
Expanding Mandrel
Custom Control
Unbalanced Load
Vacuum Lifting and Rotating
Custom Controls
Unbalanced Loads
Vacuum Lifting & Rotating