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Load Rigging Systems: For Rigging and Machinery Moving Activities.

Air Plank Systems:
For Flexible Manufacturing Conveyance.

Air Pallet Systems:
For Lean Flow Manufacturing Applications & Small Concentrated Loads.

Roll Coil & Reel Movers:
For Heavy Roll, Coil & Reel Moving Applications & Precise Positioning Capability.

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The Benefits of using Air Caster Load Moving Equipment in Material Handling & Machinery Moving Applications.

Material handling has always been a critical aspect in manufacturing and in related supply chain operations. The safe, efficient, and effective movement of heavy loads & machinery is a critical aspect of any operation’s success. This paper will examine the benefits of using Air Caster load moving equipment as a material handling load moving tool in today’s manufacturing plants and their supply chain industries. The paper will also include a historical account of where and when the technology got started and how it grew from those beginnings. Click Here To Read The Full Article


Load Rigging Systems

Load Modules

Load Rigging Systems & Modules utilize the efficiency of Fluid Film Technology to lift and move loads of any size, shape or weight. Unlike caster wheels, which resist changes in direction, Rigging systems are truly omnidirectional, requiring no additional force to change direction. Rigging systems are lightweight and easily positioned under a load. Control consoles provide individual pressure regulation to compensate for unequal load distribution. Because Rigging Modules float on a nearly frictionless film of air; loads can often be moved manually, without the need for tow vehicles or winches. Rigging systems, one of ASE System’s most versatile products, are made up of four or more air caster modules. Positioned under any load shape, they provide lift and support wherever it’s needed. With individual capacity ranging from 1/2 ton to 60 tons, rigging systems are available to move anything that isn’t anchored down. The rigging system modules thin profile allows ASE System’s products to be easily inserted under most equipment, eliminating the need for a separate jacking system, as well as providing vertical lift when inflated.Click here for more information on Load Rigging Systems


Air Plank Systems

Air Planks

Air planks are designed for use with loads having minor variations in width but large variations in length. Set-up is easy and fast, requiring only one air hose connection. Air planks can be used in combinations of two or more to move long complex machines such as printing presses or mail sorting machinery. Using Air planks avoid time consuming and costly work interruptions, and machine dis-assembly and reassembly. Air planks are available in varying lengths and widths to accommodate almost any load configuration. Air Planks are frequently used in flexible manufacturing systems and assembly lines to replace cumbersome track, rail or in-floor conveyor systems. Air planks offer unprecedented flexibility with omnidirectional movement and can free-up cranes and forklifts for other tasks. Uneven loads can be automatically adjusted using a single air pressure regulator in combination with built-in active flow controls.Click here for more information on Air Planks


Air Pallet Systems

Air pallets

An Innovative and Cost-Effective Solution for Moving Heavy Loads. Air Pallet Systems are designed to allow one person to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. The aluminum extrusion pallets utilize the efficiency of our proven Air Casters and air film technology to float the load over the surface on a micro-thin layer of air. With this simple principle, one person can easily move several thousand pounds and is ideal for many manufacturing applications. Lightweight aluminum extrusion air pallets are perfect for moving heavy bulky loads such as paper rolls or other concentrated loads in manufacturing and assembly applications. Automatic flow control valves compensate for offset loads and irregularities in the operating surface. An air pallet is also ideal for transporting loads in clean room environments, moving finished products to shipping and storage areas, moving modules, and rearranging entire production lines.

Air casters are a Better Way to Move Heavy Loads. Utilizing the Air Caster principle, an air film is created by compressed air pumped into the circular diaphragm and center plenum chamber. When the air pressure in the caster exceeds the weight of the load, air slowly and evenly escapes between the flexible diaphragm and the surface to create a thin, frictionless film of air .003 to .005 inches thick. The load is virtually floating over the surface. The film of air provides omnidirectional movement capability that allows for exceptional maneuverability around sharp corners and within tight spaces. The low lift height of the pallet makes it easy to move loads in areas restricted by ceiling and door heights.

Safety is Built In. Air pallets are safe for your operators to use. The system can be used around volatile liquids and gases safely, and your shop personnel are working in a clean environment without the side effects of internal combustion engine emissions. Initial investment is less. Operating & maintenance costs are less. Air Pallets can replace forklifts, cranes, pallet jacks and conveyors at a fraction of the cost. Pound for pound you can move loads less expensively compared to other load moving alternatives. Air Pallet Systems work with standard shop air and there are no moving parts that require costly maintenance. Since Air Pallets float the load over the surface and the load weight is spread evenly, critical stress to the floor surface is virtually eliminated. Expensive tracks, reinforced floor and structures are not usually necessary.Click here for more information


Roll, Coil & Reel Movers

Reel Movers

ASE System’s Roll, Coil & Reel systems (RCRS) literally float heavy stock on a thin film of compressed air, helping processors & manufactures save time, manpower and money. This patented technology makes it possible for one person to easily maneuver heavy loads without the use of a bulky forklift or floor track system. As little as one pound of push can move 1,000-lbs of weight, so one person can smoothly transport, rotate and precisely position even the largest and heaviest rolls, coils and reels. Our RCRS use standard shop air to instantly float and move heavy rolls in any direction. They are equipped with a fixed full width handle, guide wheel, pressure regulator and on/off ball valve. An optional handle mounted throttle control is also available. With our line of Roll movers you get easy, dependable, omnidirectional control without hazardous fumes and noise.Click here for more information on roll moving



Power Drives
Power Drive Units

Hose Reels

Air Jacks
Air Jacks