Cost Effective Heavy Load Moving Equipment & Solutions

Intelligent Lifting Device

intelligent lifting device
These intelligent lifters deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Their fusion of advanced tech and basic human guidance maximizes pruductivity while minimizing the risk of injury to the operator…

Industrial Manipulators

Increase productivity. Allow superior control and manipulation. Safe handling of heavy & awkward loads. Lower labor costs. Specialized training is not needed. Gender friendly operation. Decrease operator fatigue…

Lift Assist Devices

lift assist
Electric and pneumatically powered lifters, balancers, torque arm systems & manipulators. Designed to increase productivity and reduce worker injury. Travel speeds up to 4 times faster than traditional lifting devices…

Workstation Cranes

workstation cranes
Providing superior ergonomics: 1-lb of force will move 100-lbs of load. Bridge systems up to 4,000-lbs, Jib systems up to 1,000-lbs. Floor and ceiling mounted systems available. 5 year warranty, Quick shipping…

Roll Handling

roll handling
Complete line of roll handling and moving equipment including portable, stationary, floor and hoist based systems that can lift, move, turn, tilt and “up-end” practically any type of roll, coil and reel…

Vacuum Lifters

vacuum lifters
Electric, pneumatic, mechanical & battery powered. Lifting capacities up to and over 60,000-lbs. Vacuum lifters can lift horizontally, vertically, rotate, tilt, side grip & rotate, 360° flipping, 45° & 90° tilt then rotate…

Air Casters

air casters
Air casters allow intermittent movement on productions lines to increase productivity. Move hundreds and thousands of tons easily. Cost a fraction of what other heavy load moving systems cost…

Air Jacks

air jacks
Specifically designed for industrial lifting or jacking applications, Air-jacks are built tough for continuous use in demanding rigging, manufacturing and production applications. Inflation times from 2 to 53 seconds…

Air Casters & Bearings, Air Jacks & Material Handling Systems

With over 48 years cumulative experience in the material handling solutions and equipment industry, ASE Systems is dedicated to providing ergonomic, innovative and cost effective material handling solutions that increase productivity and reduce worker injury in repetitive lifting and frequent motion activities found in the manufacturing environment. By using state of the art equipment and ergonomic technology, we can provide solutions for any problem whether involving mobility, conveying, repetitive motion or lifting activities.

ASE Systems is a material handling solutions and systems integration company for the manufacturing and related supply industries. As an organization concerned with specifying cost effective solutions and with maintaining low overhead costs, ASE is eager to conduct a cost analysis payoff for any of the handling equipment and handling solutions that we recommend. In addition to the cost analysis, we gather extensive data on the operating site, working envelope, product specifications and pay special attention to the customer’s knowledge and experience of the product to be handled to ensure a cost effective handling solution. As a systems integrator ASE is able to offer a higher degree of productivity than a manufacturer of a single product line or expertise by incorporating different technologies from a diverse field of manufactures. ASE Systems is proud to partner with such world leaders of material handling equipment as Anver Inc, Gorbel Inc, Schlumpf, Mat Jack, Demag, AeroGo, Industrial Magnetics, ATI, GCI, Tri-Motion Industries Inc, and Vestil Manufacturing.

ASE Systems

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Air Caster Load Moving Systems, Overhead Cranes, Vacuum Lifters, Ergonomic Lifting Devices

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